Davidson Auctions

Ken Hinds Cultural Heritage Collection - October 2023

by DA | October 8, 2023


The late Ken Hinds (1944-2018) was a civil engineer who worked on major infrastructure projects both in Australia & overseas. His interest in collecting dated from the 1970s and continued right through until his death in 2018. He famously never sold any of his purchases, and Davidson Auctions has been engaged by the family to present to market his vast and diverse collection in a series of single owner sales, this being the first. As well as a large group of mid-century ceramics, and some tribal and ethnographic pieces, the art component of this auction contains a number of interesting pictures by female artists. Here is a selection:

Lot 249: SYME, Eveline (1888-1961), Seated Nude, Oil on Canvas, 49.5x39cm, est. $1,500-3,000

Lot 119: HICK, Jacqueline (1914-2004), 'Miners Watching'
Oil on Board, 63.5x99cm, est. $2,000-4,000

Lot 236: BRYANS, Lina (1909-2000), Bush Track
Oil on Canvas on Board, 36x43.5cm, est. $2,000-4,000


Lot 3: LEWERS, Margo (1908-1978), 'Distroyed', Oil on Board, 37x43cm, est. $2,000-4,000

Lot 17: MANNING, Constance Tempe (1896-1960)
'N U Manning, Sydney,' 1915., Oil on Canvas, 60x50cm, est. $1,000-3,000

Lot 76: MORA, Mirka (1928-2018), Faces, 1958
Oil on Board, 90x59cm, est. $5,000-8,000

Lot 174: CROMBIE, Peggy (1901-1984), Portrait of Hazel Upton
1948., Oil on Board, 55x39.5cm, est. $1,000-3,000


Lot 209: PAYNE Frances (Frankie) (1885-1975), Hide and Seek
Oil on Canvas, 32x21cm, est. $1,000-2,000






Lot 118: GRANT, Gwendolyn (1877-1968)
Summer's Day with Seated Bather, 1928
Oil on Canvas, 34.5x20cm, est. $400-700

Lot 115: GRAHAM, Anne Marie (b.1925)
'Glass House Mountains [Qld]' 1987
Oil on Canvas, 49.5x39cm, est. $800-1,500

Lot 211: MEILERTS-KRASTINS, Ludmilla (1908-1998)
Untitled (Still Life)
Oil on Canvas, 32x24cm, est. $700-1,200



Lot 12: CASSAB, Judy (1920-2015), 'The Glade,' 1968
Mixed Media on Paper, 26.5x35.5cm , est. $500-800

Lot 14: DANCIGER, Alice (1914-1991), Tanker Departing Harbour
Oil on Board, 28.5x42.5cm, est. $800-1,500