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Australian & International Art - May 2022 Highlights

by DA | May 20, 2022

Lot 15: JACKSON James R (1882-1975), The Spit Bridge, Middle Harbour.
Oil on Board, 44x54cm   est. $4,000-7,000



Sunday May 22nd, commencing 12pm

L1, 41-43 Parramatta Rd, Annandale, Sydney


Lot 9: OLLEY, Margaret (1923-2011), 'Model Resting', 1999
Oil on Board, 45x60cm, est. $3,000-5,000


Lot 316: NGAN, Guy (New Zealand 1926-2007) 'Habitation No. 48,' 1973. Cast Aluminium on Wooden Base, H26cm W15cm D15cm (incl. base) est. $5,000-8,000

The ‘Habitation’ series of sculptures by Guy Ngan (New Zealand, 1926-2017) are informed by notions of place and belonging. They reference modernist architecture, coastal rock formations, Roman ruins and Chinese calligraphy, whilst deftly alluding to Ngan’s belief that “buildings should reflect our feelings”. Carved from polystyrene blocks using hot wire pokers, before being cast in aluminium or bronze, Ngan’s ‘Habitation’ sculptures resemble emotive ‘buildings’, appearing to have been constructed by human hand and nature in equal measure. This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire one of these celebrated sculptures at auction in Australia. 


Also in this sale, a collection of works by Max Mannix, our Vendor allowing himself one acquisition per calendar year.

Lot 300: MANNIX, Max (b.1939), 'They're All Over There' Oil on Board, 44x60cm, est. $1,800-3,000

Lot 305: MANNIX, Max (b.1939), 'I Wouldn't Stand There' Oil on Board 19.5x24.5cm, est. $600-900

Lot 307: MANNIX, Max (b.1939), 'Grab Him Dad', Oil on Board, 24x44cm, est. $1,200-1,800


Other highlights in the sale include a large group of original Pro Hart works, and two large oils by d'Arcy Doyle.

Lot 43, HART, Pro (1928-2006), 'Racecourse,' 1982, Oil on Canvas 75x75cm, est. $10,000-14,000

Lot 90: DOYLE, d'Arcy (1932-2001), The Stagecoach, c.1980 Oil on Ply, 49.5x62cm, est. $5,000-7,000

Lot 27: APPLETON, Jean (1911-2003), Fruit and Flower Arrangement with View to Garden, 1994, Oil on Canvas on Board 66.5x59cm, est. $1,800-3,000

Lot 11, LINDSAY, Norman (1879-1969), 'Rita', Pencil, 28.5x23cm est. $2,750-3,750

Lot 2, BOYD, David (1924-2011), 'A Walk Through the Bush', Oil on Canvas, 45x40cm est. $7,000-9,000


A collection of J. W. Lindt photographs, including a rare self portrait (the only Lindt photograph in this sale not hand signed by Lindt himself), and also a signed famous Frank Hurley photograph of the wreck of the Endurance, on Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. All of these photographs have been in private family collections since the early 20th Century.

Lot 292, LINDT, John William (1845-1926)
'Jun-Gun, N. Austr[alian] Aboriginal.'
Vintage Hand Printed Gelatin Silver Photograph, 41x21cm
est. $3,000-5,000

Lot 295, LINDT, John William (1845-1926),
Self Portrait c1910
Vintage Hand Printed Gelatin Silver Photograph, 38.5x9.5cm, 
est. $500-1,000

Lot 294, LINDT, John William (1845-1926), 'Fire Ordeal Bega Isld, "Crossing over the hot
Stones" Fiji. 'Vintage Hand Printed Gelatin Silver Photograph, 21.5x42cm, est. $3,000-5,000

Lot 291, HURLEY, Frank (1885-1962), 'The End: the Wreck of the Endurance' Original Hand Printed Photograph, 48.5x35cm (sight), est. $3,000-6,000

Lot 100: DOCKING, Shay (1928-1998), 'Volcanic Cone and Crater Lake', Pastel & Acrylic, 68x58cm, est. $600-1,000

Lot 54: COBURN, John (1925-2006), 'Sentinel', 1987 S/Print 38/100, 89.5x60cm (image), est. $1,000-2,000

Lot 42, GALLOP, Herbert Reginald (1890-1958), Family Outing & Weeping Willow, 1919, Oil on Canvas on Board, 29x24cm, est. $700-1,200


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